Getting to the heart of the matter

Far more than a bank, we’re a collection of teams, departments and individuals eager to go the extra mile by giving of our time, resources and money to many of today’s most important causes and pressing community challenges. Our focus on social responsibility is significant, and while we always speak from the heart, we never deal in lip service.

EverBank has partnered with HabiJax since 1995, working on over 70 houses and contributing over 900 associate volunteer hours annually.

In the Spotlight

Teaming up to bring a family home

We continue to take our partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars to new heights. And in this case, literally, as we’ve once again joined with the team in the build of a brand new home through HabiJax, the Jacksonville-based Habitat for Humanity group. It’s partnerships and commitments like this that help lay the foundation for an even stronger community. Check back periodically to view the progress of our build.

Standing together to enrich our communities

These are just some of the invaluable groups and organizations EverBank is proud to support and stand alongside. Standing together, we can make an even bigger difference.


Investing in the future today

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s future. And EverBank is proud to support the dedicated work of vital youth-focused groups and organizations throughout our communities. It’s through groups such as these that our underserved youth are discovering the resources, support and avenues to a brighter tomorrow.


Helping cement stronger communities

Stronger communities start at home. And EverBank has a deep appreciation for the personal, long-term rewards that attach to home ownership and what this can mean to the vitality and health of our communities. It’s for this reason we support groups dedicated to affordable housing and economic development.


Sharing our knowledge for the greater good

We understand firsthand the importance of having basic money management and financial planning skills and knowledge. It’s for this reason we continually strive to find unique and innovative outlets for improving the financial literacy of both the young and older within our underserved communities.

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Life’s greatest riches are the memories we make today

Take a few minutes to see EverBank and the Jaguars team up in support of Community PedsCare. It’s moments and memories like this that enrich us all.