Inspiring hope and empowering change, EverBank BuildsSM

At EverBank, our nationwide community giving efforts are significant and never glossed over with lip service. We put our time, energy and money where our mouth is. And when we speak of inspiring hope and empowering change in the communities in which we work and live, we're not just talking a big game. We're actually out there doing our part to help build healthier, stronger communities for all. We are EverBank Builds.

Over the past three years, EverBank has donated nearly $9 million to over 100 different charitable organizations nationally.

In the Spotlight

A bank you can feel good about

There’s no question that community giving and support runs deeply throughout our company culture. And today, we honor our people for going the extra mile by giving their time and energy to those who need our help the most. Check out this recent video for some key facts and figures on our community commitment, which runs around the clock, seven days a week.

Standing together to enrich our communities

These are just some of the invaluable groups and organizations EverBank is proud to support and stand alongside. Standing together, we can make an even bigger difference.


Investing in the future today

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s future. And EverBank is proud to support the dedicated work of vital youth-focused groups and organizations throughout our communities. It’s through groups such as these that our underserved youth are discovering the resources, support and avenues to a brighter tomorrow.


Helping cement stronger communities

Stronger communities start at home. And EverBank has a deep appreciation for the personal, long-term rewards that attach to home ownership and what this can mean to the vitality and health of our communities. It’s for this reason we support groups dedicated to affordable housing and economic development.


Sharing our knowledge for the greater good

We understand firsthand the importance of having basic money management and financial planning skills and knowledge. It’s for this reason we continually strive to find unique and innovative outlets for improving the financial literacy of both the young and older within our underserved communities.


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